The most effective way I know to stay focused is to do something every day that will move you in the direction of achieving your goal.

Schedule time to go to the gym. Success is planned; failure isn’t. Make a commitment to go to the gym by asking a friend to meet you or by hiring a personal trainer who will hold you accountable if you miss the appointment. Better still, record in your daytimer exactly when you should eat and exercise and hold yourself accountable for sticking to the behavior goals you have set.

Read motivational books and articles on health and fitness. Be sure to read something related to healthy, successful living each and every day. Choose materials that instruct and inspire you. It doesn’t matter if this is a short article or an entire set of books—just read. By doing this you will continually refocus your
mind on becoming and staying fit and healthy.

Go for a walk outdoors. Breathe deeply and swing your arms while you walk. Try to choose a path that takes you through a wooded area. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while you focus on your goals.

Purchase healthy foods from your grocery store. Go to your local organic garden center and purchase some fresh vegetables and fruits. In the summer, go to the organic fruit market and buy some delicious berries. In the fall, frequent a farmers’ market for some fantastic fresh, seasonal produce. By purchasing healthy fruits and vegetables, you are focusing on the importance of feeding your body nutrient-dense, calorie-sparse foods.

Practise daily distressing techniques. Being stressed out does little to improve focus. Manage your stress with two proven stress-reduction techniques—prayer and/or meditation. Practise these time-tested stress reducers daily and feel the
difference they will make in your life.

Spend time each day thinking about your goal. The garden of your subconscious mind will grow any thought you plant—it does not discriminate. Therefore, it is very important that you think only about what you want, not what you do not want. By focusing on what you want to happen, you are programming your mind
to move in a positive direction.

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