Earl Nightingale, the famous father of the self-help industry, once said that nothing great was ever accomplished without inspiration. To that end I give you three heroic examples that showcase exactly what can be achieved if you apply the principles outlined in The Fat-Fighter Diet.


 BEFORE                                       AFTER

Last fall I first met Susan, a waitress working at a local restaurant in the town of Oakville, Ontario where our personal training studio, BODiZONE, is located. One of my clients, Dr. Stephen Thordarson, is a dentist with a practice in downtown Oakville. Dr. Steve, as I like to call him, is a skilled practitioner with a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry. Steve decided one day to hold a contest whereby one lucky Oakville resident would win a complete makeover from head to toe. Steve enlisted the help of our personal training company to take care of
the fitness component while he and a few other practitioners would make over the winner’s teeth, hair, etc.

Susan won that contest. She trained at BODiZONE for half an hour, three times per week using a combination of resistance training, cardiovascular training, stretching, and our on-line nutrition system. We also had Susan perform cardio sessions on her own two or three times per week for half-hour sessions.
Out of 164 hours in a week, Susan spent only a total of three hours weekly using a combination of our nutrition, training, supplementation, and motivation to make the changes you see here.

Susan would be the first to tell you it wasn’t the easiest thing she has ever done, but she will also tell you it is the best thing she has ever done. She set the goal and made it to the finish line. Bravo to you, Susan!


BEFORE                                       AFTER

Tony is a busy professional who works days, evenings, and weekends to reach his sales goals. Like many people, all the “diets” he had tried in the past had failed him. By cutting calories he would lose some weight, but quickly gain it all back a few short months later. Up until this point Tony had never seen the inside of a gym. As a matter of fact, he thought that weight training was only for “bulking up,” something he was definitely not interested in doing!

We educated Tony on the importance of weight training as it relates to fat loss and introduced him to The Fat-Fighter Diet eating and supplementation approach. As a result, Tony slashed his body fat percentage and dropped several pant sizes. He has also developed the eating habits necessary to avoid diseases like diabetes and heart disease, which were gunning for him before. Congrats to you Tony!

It is up to you.
No matter what your fitness level is today, you can change your body. By focusing on the areas of your life that you can control (what, when, and how much you eat; the frequency, duration, and type of exercise you do; how focused you are on achieving your goal; and the attitude and mindset you cultivate), you can achieve your ultimate fitness dream!

We have all read the statistics on weight management in North America. Over half of us are struggling with serious emotional and physical health issues directly related to our lifestyle choices. The power to change is yours alone.

If you are overweight and unhappy with yourself, it is up to you and you alone to make the changes necessary in order to achieve the body and health you desire. The moment you accept full responsibility for who you are is the moment you are ready to begin this program and start living the life you want in the body you deserve.

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