You are about to learn concepts that may go against what you currently hold to be true. Many of the proven recommendations in this book fly in the face of mainstream dieting. This is because The Fat-Fighter Diet is not just about changing your eating habits. Rather, it is about taking control of your life. Success can be achieved only by approaching your body holistically. The very word “holistic” implies the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. What you think, what you eat, and what you do each play starring roles in this movie called your life.

The Fat-Fighter Diet Will Improve Your Health and Well-being and What You See in the Mirror
Following The Fat-Fighter Diet will get you into the best physical shape of your life because this book begins with a focus on what you can’t see—all of the tiny, daily thoughts and experiences that become years of imbedded learning about what you can and can’t do; about how you feel about your body and the way you look; and about what you believe to be true about yourself and what you are capable of. The combination of a healthy mindset, proper nutrition, and physical exercise is the very essence of the holistic lifestyle you will learn about in the coming chapters.

The Fat-Fighter Diet Is about Health, Fitness, and Fat Loss, Not Simply “Weight Loss”
The Fat-Fighter Diet puts the focus where you need it—on fat loss. By following this program you will most likely lose weight; however, I can guarantee you will lose fat! These same principles are also essential for improving your health and increasing your level of physical fitness.

The Fat-Fighter Diet Is about Truth, Not Gimmicks
The truth is this: Lifelong health, fitness, and fat loss can be achieved only by balancing the three major contributors to your health:
1. Dedicate yourself to a mindset that reduces your stress and increases your focus on achieving and sustaining your goal.
2. Dedicate yourself to a delicious, alkaline-forming diet with the correct balance of protein, essential fats, and complex carbohydrates.
3. Dedicate yourself to prescriptive exercise. A triathlete will train very differently from a woman in her 40s looking to improve muscle tone and increase flexibility. Instead of a “one size fits all” exercise program, your plan should be designed according to your goal. Moreover, any weight loss or fat loss program that does not advocate exercise is dead wrong.

The Fat-Fighter Diet Is a Plan for Your Life—It Is Not a Quick Fix
The Fat-Fighter Diet has worked for thousands and it will work for you, but it will take some effort. Many of my clients own successful businesses that they built from zero. They didn’t just wake up running a company; they built it from the ground up. This is the same way you will build your new body. Since it has taken you some time to get into the shape you are presently in, it will take some time to change. Owning your health and fitness is worth this small but powerful investment of time.

The Fat-Fighter Diet Designs a Program for You,Not the Same Program for Everyone
There are more than 6 billion people on the planet and no two are exactly the same. We all have different goals, body types, metabolisms, and are one of two genders, so why would we all follow the exact same fitness and nutrition program? With The Fat-Fighter Diet you will discover the exact food you should be eating, as well as the correct amount and types of exercises you should be doing for your body, your fitness level, and your goal.

The Fat-Fighter Diet Will Motivate You to Act and Not Just Read
Throughout this book you will find inspirational “action” statements that will prompt you to take action today. Now! Actions, not words, produce results.

The Fat-Fighter Diet Is Clear-Cut and Not about Guessing
Throughout each of the three sections of this book you will find tools to measure your progress. Measuring is the only way to know that what you are doing is producing the results you desire. Measuring your progress is quick, easy, and key to achieving your goals.

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