To-Do List:

  • Determine what you want to accomplish.
  • Set your behavior and outcome goals.
  • Set deadlines for their achievement.
  • Practise daily stress-management techniques.
  • Follow the daily success habits.
  • Persist until you succeed.
After reading this first section, I hope you have come to accept the importance of your mind as it relates to fat loss and achieving your fitness goals. You have learned how what you think about each moment of each day is constantly determining your behavior, self-talk, self-beliefs, goal setting, and focus, and how these factors are forming the person you are today as well as the person you will become tomorrow. You have also discovered why it is important to manage your stress if you wish to be both lean and at peace. Most importantly, you know that becoming fit and healthy is a decision that only you can make. We must all take the time to decide on exactly who and what we want to become. The decision to live your life in a healthy, fit body with a clearly defined purpose is yours and yours alone. It is in these moments of decision that our lives are formed.

In the next section, I will show you how the decisions you make regarding what, when, and how much you eat are forming the person you are today and the person you will become in the future. I will illustrate for you why low-calorie diets are not the answer, as well as the right way to measure your progress.

In Phase One of the diet plan, you will discover the importance of cleansing as it relates to your overall health and body fat reduction. In Phase Two, I will explain exactly what, when, and how much you should eat in order to achieve your goal. You will learn why some foods are worse than others and the truth about carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. I will also provide you with goal-specific
supplement recommendations that will help you achieve better results faster.

Later in this blog, I will explain why exercise is so important when embarking on a weight loss journey and provide you with a detailed, personalized exercise plan to get you results fast and keep the results for life.

Regardless of your age or physical condition, it is never too late to start living a holistic, healthy lifestyle. The body is highly adaptable. Given the right combination of a healthy mindset, prescriptive nutrition, and proper exercise, your body can and will regenerate and thrive. By implementing the mental

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