MINDSET: I will feed my mind only the best. I will become what I think about, all day long.

Each one of us is a marvel of creation; what Mother Nature has given you is truly beautiful. But stressful living, a poor diet, lack of supportive supplements, lack of sleep, inadequate activity, and environmental toxins build up over time, tarnishing that beauty. Although the Fat-Fighter Diet cannot change what Mother Nature has given you, it will provide you with a comprehensive plan to reverse the years of damaging habits, guiding you to become the best that you can be.

Everything you do and, ultimately, everything you become first begins with a thought. You are guided by your mind. In his now famous recording, “The Strangest Secret,” Earl Nightingale said, “If you are ever going to change your life, you must change your thinking.” The way you are thinking about yourself right now is forming the person you are becoming. Our lives and all of our experiences take place in our minds.

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