Self-Talk: We All Talk to Ourselves, But Are We Listening?

It is an unfortunate fact for most people that of the 80,000 plus thoughts they have in a day, 98 percent are the same as the thoughts they had yesterday, with most of these being negative. Have you ever really listened to what you are saying to yourself? Negative self-talk could be wreaking havoc on your mind and body. What you are thinking and the words you speak are subconsciously moving you in one of two directions—toward success or toward failure. Your words are self-fulfilling prophecies. If all you think about, talk about, and focus on is failure and negativity, why would you be surprised to see that you have failed? Conversely, if you focus on succeeding, it should come as no surprise when things “happen” to work out.

I am always amazed by the way people respond when asked how they feel about exercise. “I hate exercising” is one of the most commonly uttered statements along with “I hate broccoli!” The words you choose have the amazing ability to change “the color of your mind” and the way you feel emotionally about eating healthily and exercising. By making some subtle changes to the words you use when talking about exercise and nutrition, you will change the way you feel about your new lifestyle.

Instead of thinking “I will never lose this fat,” try thinking “I am losing fat every day.” Rather than saying to yourself, “I hate exercising,” say, “Each time I exercise I am getting leaner and more healthy.” Instead of thinking you can’t do it, think of all the reasons why you can. These positive  thoughts and words are to your mind what healthy food is to your body.

Think of your mind as a television with unlimited channels and a huge variety of programs to watch. If you find yourself focusing on something negative, simply use your mental remote control to change the channel. Please don’t be like so many people who choose to pull up a chair, make some popcorn, and get comfortable with their negative thoughts. Focusing on negative 
mental programing can only bring about more negativity. Change the channel and focus on the positive.

Remember that your mind is a fertile ground of infinite possibility. Your potential is unlimited. You have the power within you to create the body and life you desire starting today, and it will not cost you a single cent. 

Like a seed planted in good soil, your creative mind thrives in the field of positivism, and these thoughts give birth to the physical reality where we reside. It is a simple yet astonishing fact—your thoughts and words are creating your reality.

Become aware of your thoughts and self-talk. When you find yourself thinking or speaking negatively, simply say to yourself “Next” and change your mental channel from something  negative to something positive.

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